New track

Chilled, the usual – Vance Joy

VANCE Joy’s new single We’re Going Home is catchy.

It’s what you’d expect from Joy – a song where you can lie on the beach and tap your foot on the sand to the beat.

Won’t take long to learn the lyrics?? So it’ll be a tune for a few months and then it’ll die off, and after a decade you’ll be driving to pick up your kids from soccer practice and hear this and start belting out the words.

The lyrics are either so deep I don’t get them or……..they just don’t make sense….

Under the surface you don’t know what you’ll find
Hmm, until it’s your time
No second chances but all we can do is try
Hmm, I made up my mind

I think his fans will love it, but for everyone else…eh..


February 23 – Nation of Two





PHOTO: Facebook/Charles Reagan


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