Five semi-decent Spotify playlists of classic Aussie music

SO it’s Chrissy Day and you’re having some chicken with Coles potato salad listening to some beats when the CD player corks itself.

Well rip out your iPhone/Android/whatcha-ma-call-it and pull out Spotify.

These are our top five classic Aussie music playlists……..

1. Classic Aussie Pub Music – 259 songs
– includes Paul Kelly, Cold Chisel, Powderfinger…definitly your triple M/dad style

2. Best of Aussie Music – 84 songs
– includes AC/DC, Shannon Noll, Jimmy Barnes and a bit of Missy Higgins – Scar

3. 80’s Aussie Anthems – 123 songs
– includes Crowded House, Hunters & Collectors, INXS and Boom Crash Opera

4. Double J’s Best Australian Songs of the 90s – 42 songs
– there were definitely more than 42 ‘best’ songs in the 1990s, but true…these are the best of the freaking best; there’s just an assortment of artists

5. 100 Best Australian Tracks of 2017 – 101 songs
– I wouldn’t usally trust this because there’s 101 songs but eh; it seems alright, a good mix of talented Australians

PHOTO: Facebook


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