YouTube stars love clickbait ’cause it makes them money

Partners-in-crime David Dobrik and Liza Koshy (let’s call them Daza) are serial clickbait culprits.

Worse than rotten clickbait site OMG Facts, the two regularly post titles that are far from the truth.

And those thumbnails? They don’t show up in the videos.

OMG FACTS screenshot.png
Don’t click on this.

Together they rake in more than 10 million subscribers – so why do they continue to use such gimmicky tactics?

In 2015, BBC News journalist Ben Frampton said this on clickbait in journalism:

It is a golden rule of journalism, taught to any news reporter at the beginning of their career – your introduction should grab the reader straight away.

If you cannot hold someone’s attention for a sentence, you have no hope of getting them to read the rest of your article.

The same is true for headlines; stark, witty or intriguing ones can draw the reader’s eye to a story.

It makes sense to apply the same concept to videos; if you can’t get a viewer to click in five words or less, what hope do you have of talking to them for five minutes?

But when you think, for example, you’re going to watch a video about ‘CRASHED MY CAR? DRIVING WITH LIZA PART 3!!’ and Liza doesn’t crash her car – you’re expected to feel a little empty. But you don’t. You’re too busy clicking on the next video by Liza.

All that headline did was pull you into the video and then into the larger world of her other 80+ videos, which will appear on the right of the video as you’re watching it and will fill the screen at the end of the video.

Daza’s clickbait headlines are designed to grab new viewers. Because all Liza and David Daza need are for you to click on just one video and boom, you’re hooked. And once the video’s finished, you’re too eager to click on another video rather than think back to the title, the thumbnail, and how often the video title came up.

Those gimmicky tactics are how Liza has garnered 7 million+ people and David more than 2.8 million.

Photo: David Dobirk’s YouTube video


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