Orange Is the New Black explained in 165 words

As we are growing older, the taste of humor around us is also getting annoying.

It is very difficult to find a TV series that keep up with good humor and comedy skills.

Orange Is the New Black is based around a lesbian relationship, and the brief
disclosure of corruption in the country.The story mainly rotates around two

The story mainly rotates around Piper Chapman and her girlfriend Alex Vause.

The show tells of how ‘love’ made Piper deliver drugs for her drug dealer girlfriend.

Piper goes to prison after getting caught in these smuggling activities. After getting parted from her girlfriend, the story looks at Piper’s life in prison.

The entertainment starts when Piper meets Alex in prison and tries to remember all those insane memories they used to do together.

They fall for each other again and they together learn how to survive in prison. The characters manage to create enough humor to make us all laugh.

A highly-recommend show for comedy lovers.

Photo: Netflix


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