How a $3 million app will match you with other fans of artists, celebrities and YouTube stars

A Dallas startup raised $3 million to create an app so users can create ‘fanpages’, connect with others based on compatibility, and compete to become the biggest fan.

Fanpage will spend a major part of the $3 million on user acquisition, including radio, digital, and live event campaigns with new partners, iHeartMedia and Townsquare.

“Radio is the number one mass reach medium, reaching more than 93 per cent of consumers each week, which makes iHeartMedia and Townsquare the ideal partners for us,” said Fanpage CEO Billy Rodgers.

“They have direct access to the music fans that have shown to love our app.”

Users tell the app what the love (music, celebrities, sports’ teams and YouTube stars). They then unlock their ‘Fandom DNA’, where they find other people with similar interests and compare their obsessions with friends.

Fans can look at other fanpages and make their own with their favorite photos, videos and memorabilia.

The more followers, shared and likes you get, the higher up the Fanpage leaderboards you go!

The Fanpage mobile app is free to download from iTunes and Google Play.

Photo: Pexels


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